The italian garden-park of villa pastello

The pride of Relais De Charme Villa Pastello is its large Italian garden-park, acknowledged as a natural and historic heritage by the department of environmental heritage.

A special feature of the Italian garden-park is its symmetry and the geometric nature of its different areas: large symmetrical circular flowerbeds, shaped box hedges and enormous centuries-old fir and pine trees amid a spectacular explosion of colours and shapes.

On entering the garden-park, visitors can feel the magical atmosphere of the recent past, which instantly offers the sensation of being in a haven of tranquillity, where flora and fauna coexist in perfect harmony. Spring water comes out of the rocks in the most hidden areas of the garden-park, recalling the important and vital role once played by water.
The garden-park covers a surface area of 12,000 square metres. Stretching over several levels, it is a wonderful natural setting.

This spectacular rigour of shapes also continues in the woods at the foot of Monte Pastello, with elevations, paths and oak trees providing breathtaking scenery.

It is worth taking a walk among such natural wonders. You will be accompanied on your walk by our four-legged friends, which, once saved from critical situations and ill-treatment, now enjoy a peaceful life of affection and pampering in the garden-park.

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